Part of the mission of HYBRIS is that Photographers, Artists, Models, Filmmakers and Producers can make money with their works. If you want to be part of our magazine or gallery write to us here or to the e-mail telling us your motivation and ideas of what you would like to present or do. If you already have a session or edited Fashion Film, do not hesitate to share it with us to evaluate a possible publication. We also receive FaceTime sessions or Selfie-type self-portraits. Don't worry, HYBRIS won't publish anything without your consent. Remember to send us your Instagram account or website to view your portfolio.

How does HYBRIS work?

  Each work published, for example an Online Editorial, will have a unique monetary value independent of the other works. People interested in wanting to see the complete editorial online will have to create a user and pay the value of the publication, as well as with another Editorial that has caught their attention, a Fashion Film, a comic, illustrations, etc… The public would not pay a monthly subscription but pay on time for what they want to see and this could be done from any device and part of the world. When it comes to a tangible work such as a framed photograph or a painting, HYBRIS is in charge of publishing it, promoting both the Work and the Artist, making the payment and the logistics of the dispatch effective.

  Prior to publication, an exclusivity contract is generated with the person to whom the work belongs, such as the photographer, the fashion producer or producer, and even the same model in case of being the author or producer. This contract sets a price and the period of time that the work will be published exclusively in HYBRIS, for example one year. Throughout this period, the authors of Works in the form of digital content take the highest percentage of all sales that the respective publication could have from month to month, discounting the HYBRIS commission and the corresponding taxes.

  In this way, those who are dedicated or want to dedicate ourselves 100% to our ideas, we will be able to carry out our most authorial projects and at the same time obtain income to continue developing them with constancy and without hopefully having to dedicate thought to other jobs that consume time, energy and that ultimately take us away from what we really want to do.

 Once the agreed time has expired, the exclusivity of the publication returns to whoever owns the rights to the image. On the other hand, if the author wishes, they can renew the agreement for the same publication for a new period of time. In addition, depending on the reception of the work by the audience, it could be printed and framed in fine art quality to be sold in a limited edition through the Gallery section of HYBRIS.

What does HYBRIS propose?

  Make your work known to an audience that will grow progressively as a community is generated. You are and will always be the owner of your work. HYBRIS helps you spread it like other existing exhibition windows but with the great difference that it will allow you and those who contributed to carry out your idea to generate income.

What does the success of your publication depend on?

   There are several variables but mainly the casting, the concept you want to develop, the story, how provocative it is or if it will really blow the mind of the viewer. Of course also the quality of the staging, lighting, costumes, makeup, location, art direction, all these elements contribute to generating the ideal atmosphere to engage the audience. Also the number of real followers on social networks that you, the model has.

  It is important that the people who will pose for you feel comfortable with the final result and consequently can share promotions on their social networks. All of this backed by the HYBRIS marketing plan.

Let's do it

  For example, you are a photographer or freelance photographer and you contact a model who is in your same city or you can be a model who contacts a trusted photographer or someone you admire for their editorial work. In parallel, write to us so that we can jointly review your proposal if you wish to make sure as to whether or not the work fits with the editorial line of HYBRIS. If you add to the production a makeup artist, producer or fashion producer, much better. In the case that you do not have the contacts or you cannot finance them but you have a concept and you know very well what you want to tell, it may be that your work does not need so much production and is developed in a simpler way, in an everyday place that you have access, using natural light, with your own clothing and accessories. Perhaps a great production is not a requirement for your idea. Finally, what matters is the concept and knowing how to carry out what you want to tell. HYBRIS can advise you from the conception of the idea to the final edition.

  For more details, write to us here or to the e-mail and we will answer all your questions.