Jose Clavijo, a Uruguayan based in Australia, gets on between Fashion Photography and his profession as a Dentist. Together with the Model and also Photographer Marisha Shanti, after a morning in the pool and driven by the spontaneity of the moment, they decide to explore their creativity without great expectations or pressure, sometimes just a camera in your hand and an idea in your head (Glauber Rocha) are enough to make a work, here is the result.
Jose (Photographer), How long have you lived in Australia and in which city?
Six years, Sydney.
What amazes you about nude photography?
Women is the most aesthetic and pure form of art. Wherever there is a woman there is magic. Which I perceive as inspiration.

Why did you choose Australia?

Why not?.
Do you live only from Photography, what else do you do?
I've been a Dentist for ten years now, that actually pay my bills . Photography has always been a side hustle which I deeply enjoy.
The format that you occupy the most seems to be the film, why?

Film brings emotion, substance and depth to the image. It tells a story.
How was this session with Mish?
As most of my photos this happened spontaneously after we had a beautiful morning at the rock pool. We were thinking of using an underwater camera which didn’t turn out quite well. So we ended up using one of my cameras. The sun was very hard on the skin by the time we were shooting, somehow we got away with it.
What criteria do you apply for the casting of your sessions?
I am definitely aesthetically driven, I’ve always been but the vibe is the most decisive factor.
The beach and the sea are recurring themes in your photographs, Do you live near there?
I was born in a beach town (Punta del Este), so the ocean has always been my biggest source of inspiration . Yes I live by the beach and I hope that never change 

Is there any Australian series or movie that you would recommend us and why?
Well, probably one of the best Australian movies ever made and a personal favorite “The Great Gatsby”, It's a hard task turning the classic novel into a remarkable visual experience, but Baz has achieved it through the impeccable styling, visual effects, soundtrack and contemporary touches.
Last book you read it?
“Emotional wellness” by Osho.
What do you like the most about Australia and what do you miss the most about Uruguay?
What I love the most about Australia is its people, relaxed and fun. Definitely my family and friends (Uruguay).
Where would you like to be in 5 years?
Probably living in the northern rivers, surfing every day and starting a family.

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