Berenika by Polish photographer Miron Chomacki. A simple, natural and powerful test, little by little inviting the spectator to become a part of this session. The beauty from Eastern Europe never leaves indifferent, on the contrary it becomes unforgettable for those who come from the West. It seems that in these lands beauty has been distributed equally throughout the territory, without belonging exclusively to a social class or being related to economic power as it happens in other places. A photography of dialogue and implicit conversation in the images, it isn't enough just to press the shutter release button of the camera and hope to get to tell something through the image automatically, but also you have to try to go deep into and get to know the person photographed in a certain way. Emotion as the most important criteria when it comes to creating.
Miron, could you describe us how did this session carry out?
The details of this photoshoot will always remain a secret between me and Berenika.
How would you describe the beauty of Berenika?
I associate the beauty of Berenika with femininity, innocence, grace, happy, with a woman who will achieve her goals.
"For me, eroticism is a glorification of natural beauty, both physical and mental. Erotic for me can be a romantic and honest conversation as well as a photo of a NATURAL woman."
Do you dedicate yourself only to photography?
Absolutely not. Photography is a passion that fills all my free moments, so I never get bored. My professional career is related to the broadly understood media, I have worked in extremely different TV channels, advertising agencies, currently I am involved in the medical industry and work on my own fashion brand, just don't tell anyone about it haha.
Do you have any favorite place in Warsaw to do your sessions?
There are many beautiful locations in Warsaw, from phenomenal apartments to the city beach on the Wisla River, currently my favorite place is my apartment, many beautiful souls have already appeared in it.
"I think Poland is a strong player in the fashion world. Certainly, due to its geopolitical location, it is currently catching up with the West."
Poland is a very religious country, very Catholic, do you think this has somehow affected how the people relates to nudity and eroticism?
Definitely yes, I agree that Poland is quite a conservative country, but I have noticed a turn towards prudishness all over the world, what will the consequences be? I have no idea.
When did you realize that you wanted to be a photographer?
First time in France in 2000. When, as an introverted child, I photographed Paris with a disposable camera and I discovered how pleasant it is to tell a story without words, only with the emotions of strangers on the street, if it hadn't been for this experience, I probably would never have been involved in photography.
Do you develop any method or routine to guarantee a good result in your work?
Before I start shooting, the only routine that comes to my mind is I try to get to know the person that I am going to photograph a little, talk to her about irrelevant subjects, so that the atmosphere itself takes pictures on the shooting set.
How is your pre production process?, How do you come up with your ideas?
The subject of my photos are women, everything in my head revolves around them, which is why it is so important for me to get to know the mood of the photographed woman, the most important are emotions, if they are not there, in my opinion, the photography ends and start still life / pack shot things. My preparations for the photos themselves end when the battery for the camera is charged.
According to you, what is the most difficult thing to learn in Photography?
Nothing is difficult in photography, the problem is just to get started.
Do you make videos too?
Yes, I am making videos. I have made a few music videos and advertising spots, nowadays it seems to me that it is an inseparable element of a photographer.
Any advice that you would give to the Miron of the time when you started in photography?
"More important than what you take pictures is who you take pictures of. P.S., Buy a lot of bitcoins, then thank me."
Would you like to refer to a particular topic that you think is necessary to tell?, please feel free to do so.
Message to everyone, cultivate relationships with people you care about, if you have read this text, call someone you like and arrange an adventure with them, there will always be time if care. Peace.

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