How would you feel being naked in a deserted place?. In the middle of the Caribbean there is a French hideout called Martinique. An island of almost 400,000 residents where the people are very friendly and smiling. In this delightful place Pauline and Gregg devote themselves completely to the majesty of its landscapes and varied nature. Can you imagine living in a place like this? With all that beauty around you inspiring you every day in what you have to do. A tremendous force from the earth shrouds the statuesque Pauline who has left her fears behind about what is imposed by the canons of beauty. Finally there is no need to feel guilty when we enjoy something good.
Pauline, Where are you based and what is your nationality?
I am a French girl who lives in Martinique (French West Indies).
What inspired you and Gregg to do this session?
The place, this kind of desert, I felt strong. That's why we chose the black boots to express it.
 "I think my followers in instagram like the aesthetic and artistic style of my account, how I am trying to express nudity through photographs and how I feel free to talk about the woman's body and self-acceptance."
How do you feel when you are completely naked in the middle of nature?
Free, it is kind of a therapy to appreciate my body.
What does photography mean to you?
Art, freedom of expression and life.
What was your dream when you were a child?
 I wanted to be a journalist to explore the World, already a travel lover and a photography enthusiast.
How would you define your personality? 
I am a kind, persistent and open-minded person. I love to give advice and help others. 
How do you develop about sensuality?, do you look at references, do you read about it or is it just something natural within you?
I've tried to look at references but I am not a good learner so I developed it by myself since I've started photography.
"When I was a kid I already liked the feeling to be naked and I was walking to my backyard naked haha."
What kind of sports or physical training do you do? 
I am training 6 times per week (MMA, weight training, pilates and electrostimulation).
What is your favorite food?
 I am vegetarian, I love italian food especially pasta with mushrooms, my favorite!
What is the clothing you wear the most?
 I don't have one piece of clothing that I wear the most, I like to change my style everyday depending on my mood.
How has your experience been in the world of NFTs?
 It's passionating, the community is just amazing, very friendly and positive. Everyone tries to help each other because it is super new and we are all learning about this new world. And in the photography domain, the art is in the center, there is no censorship about nude art. For me, it is pretty new because I am surrounded by people who don't recognize it as art. I am completely adept to the NFTs and wanna introduce it to all!.
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Deserted Valley

Photographer Gregg Jeanjean

26 Photographs / High Resolution

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Martinique, French West Indies 2022


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