Just before reaching the iconic Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro, you'll find Praia Do Leme, a charming carioca corner embraced by the imposing Morro do Leme. Here, both tourists and locals enjoy the beauty of its soft sands and warm waters. From the early hours of the day, the beach comes to life with sporting activity, both from visitors and city dwellers, engaging in a variety of disciplines. From calisthenics and football, volleyball, footvolley, beach tennis, surfing, and even fishing. This spontaneous photo session with model and actress Luísa Gassen sought to capture the everyday life of the area, immersing us in its most common activities, which are already part of the cultural heritage of the Brazilian coast. It's a pleasure to photograph when there's abundant light and warmth from the early hours, where there are no excuses to stay in bed or not to desire to explore this fascinating city at all times. Praia Do Leme is not only a paradise for sports enthusiasts, but also if you seek to relax under the sun, explore the waters of the Atlantic, or simply observe the vibrant energy that characterizes this carioca beach. You will always be welcome.

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