How do I shop at Hybris?

 It is very easy, you just have to create a user account for free, then add an Online Editorial, Fashion Film or Print to the bag, in case you have a promotional code, enter it and finally make the payment. If this is done successfully, in the menu of your user, in "My Downloads” or “Mis Compras” you will be able to find and access the content immediately from any device.

Is it necessary to create a user account to make a purchase?

  Yes, it is a requirement to have an account, however it is free and easy to create.

When I buy digital content, what am I buying?

  Unlimited access whenever you want to the Editorials or Fashion Films that you have purchased. The charge could be in dollars, euros or in your local currency like in Chile, Argentina, Perú, Colombia y México. You may notice a small difference in the final amount of the charge depending on the commissions of your bank. You should know that Hybris prices are subject to change.

  When you browse the HYBRIS website you can temporarily save your order in your bag, however the most recent price of each product will be reflected at the time of purchase. Discount codes are not cumulative and are not applied in conjunction with another special promotion unless otherwise noted. In the case of a 2x1 promotion, Hybris will apply the discount to the lowest priced publisher or fashion film.

The prices in what currency are they?

  Depending on the country you are in, the value may appear in the local currency, otherwise it would be published in USD dollars or Euros. The collection in general would be made in USD dollars, but it depends on the territory where it can be or the payment method chosen. You may notice a small difference in the final amount of the charge depending on the commissions of your bank. You should know that Hybris prices are subject to change. 


Can I deposit into an account to pay?

 Yes, only that the process can be slower since to access the content you will have to wait for HYBRIS to confirm the deposit. This operation can take up to 24 hours.

Where do I find the digital content that I bought?

  Accessing with your username and pass, in the User Menu, in "My Downloads” or “Mis Compras”

How can I know what kind of digital content I will find?

  When they are photographic publishers we offer the opportunity to partially view the content at the end of the publication next to the "Add to Bag” or “Añadir a la bolsa” button so that you can have an idea as close as possible of what you are going to find if you decide to buy. When it is a Fashion Film it is through the published trailer that we try to capture the essence of the work, however it is important to reserve some surprise of the content for when you see it after payment.

What can I do if I have a problem with my purchase?

  Write us immediately at and we will solve your problem as soon as possible.

What happens if for some reason I cannot make my purchase?

  HYBRIS will always be able to advise and give you support whenever you need it, however we work with intermediary payment methods that could reject your purchase for different reasons and in that case we advise you to consult it internally with them.

Can I request a refund after viewing the digital content?

  No, once you access the digital content there is no refund.

What happens if I share my username and pass with third parties?

  Unfortunately, you would be violating our Privacy Policies and your account could be canceled immediately and without a refund of what you have purchased.

Can I download the digital content that I have purchased?

  HYBRIS does not allow downloads of what you have bought but you can access them whenever you like through your user and from any device. The content will always be hosted on your account.

Do the Works or Prints come with a Certificate of Authenticity?

  Yes, all works come with a certificate of authenticity signed by him or the artist, plus the HYBRIS GALLERY seal, date and number of the work with respect to the limited edition to which it corresponds.

Can I return a printed work that I bought just because I didn't like it later?

  Yes, this is possible, only if the value of the work is greater than $ 700 USD or its equivalent to $ 500,000 CLP. Valid only in Chilean territory.


What happens if the artwork, glass or frame are damaged when I receive my shipment?

  There is a return guarantee if the Work or Print reaches its destination damaged, it will be fully refunded. In the event that only the frame or glass is damaged, these could be repaired (only in Chilean territory) or reimbursed as you deem appropriate.

Can I buy a work or Print from outside Chile?

 If possible. When buying a Print, whether framed or not, it is important to bear in mind that each country has its own regulations, so it is important that you review both the restricted products and the tax payment regulations. Remember that the latter must be paid by you. The shipment would go with the commercial invoice and all the necessary documentation for its entry to the country of destination.

  Each work is carefully prepared for shipment and if the work arrives damaged it will be fully refunded. If there is any damage to the items you ordered upon delivery, you must contact us within 5 days of receiving your order. The delivery date of your order may vary due to the carrier's shipping practices, location of delivery, delivery method, and quantity of items ordered; In addition, your order can be delivered in separate shipments. Additional shipping charges may apply depending on your location and the size of your order. You are responsible for all taxes applicable to the delivery of your order, including sales tax, value added tax, customs duties, and excise duties.