From Buenos Aires Argentina comes "Unforgettable", starring by Chiara Varano under the gaze of Diego Triplab and added to the talent of Agustina Ciagla in make-up/hair. This editorial was conceived in the middle of the trans-Andean summer and as its title says it will be difficult to forget. A vital element that is quite present in this photographic journey is the water, just in case you didn't know it, a hydrated body manages to preserve itself more and in a better way over time. Furthermore the heat invites us to take off our clothes and generate vitamin D thanks to the sun's rays that penetrate our skin. Of course, do not forget to apply sun block. Oh, and if you are looking for strong emotions then this editorial is for you.
Chiara, how do you feel when you pose naked in front of the camera?
I don't mind posing nude nor do I feel shy about it, I feel that each body is unique and we should not be ashamed to show it.
"Luckily when I upload semi-nude photos I don't get bad comments, quite the opposite. Of course all my almost nude photos are cared for and not obscene, that's why I think I receive the full support of my followers."
Have you experienced any kind of prejudice for looking sexy on social media?
Yes, I have received. I studied economics at a university in Italy, and many people don't know that, they just think that I only upload sexy photos to my networks and that's it.
What do you think of censorship on platforms like Instagram?
I think Instagram shouldn't censor something as common as a woman's breasts or nipples, they are a little behind in that way.
"I am passionate about traveling, getting to know new places, people and cultures. I have traveled to many cities around the world and I plan to continue doing so."
"What makes me fall in love with someone is 100% their personality, for me the attitude and confident is everything. And above all, that they make me laugh. I consider myself provocative when I want to be, but I can be a very sweetie too."
What clothes do you like and at the same time do you think they enhance your femininity?
I really like vintage garments, likewise I don't have a marked style, I can wear tight, loose fitting garments, low-rise, high-rise, I like everything.
What do you think of the insecurities generated by social networks?
There are many girls who always write to me to say that they would like to be models but they don't know how to do it or they are very shy. I would recommend them to try it, we all start from zero and with a bit of shame too, but this is how it starts. We all have insecurities, but they shouldn't stop us from doing what we like.
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Photographer Triplab
Make-Up Hair Agustina Ciagla

62 Photographs / High Resolution

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Online editorial / Digital Content

Buenos Aires, Argentina 2021


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