Sometimes we need a break, much better if this happens away from chaos. If you like to share with someone else, specifically when there is an attraction, time stand to still and nothing else matters. When you relax under the sun, the contact with the water or breath deeply in the middle of trees, a natural feeling of ecstasy ends up completely enveloping you. Tranquility, calm, the sound of the wind... invite us to unleash our imagination. Eroticism and creativity go hand in hand. An isolated place is the perfect allied to connect with ourselves and with our deepest desires.
Lula, what does nude mean to you?
It's a way to reconnect with my natural and free being. Get naked is showing yourself vulnerable, genuine, it reminds you that we are part of everything that surrounds us.
Do you consider eroticism essential for the human being?
Eroticism is also love and passion, so yes.
How was working with Diego Triplab in this session?
We have been talking and postponing the idea of working together for 2 years. I respect and admire his work a lot, so when it came to considering this dynamic I couldn't deny myself. I trusted his ability to take a photograph where a nude doesn't look crude, but rather as something artistic.
"Today there is no greater act of rebellion than trying to be authentic and different. Even if it takes you to places where many people cannot understand you".
Apart from being a model, what else do you do?
At this moment I am undertaking for the first time, recently a collection of multipurpose clothing came to light in which we have been working all this time with my partner Josefina. I have all the lights on my brand ... I really want to be able to live well from what I like so much.
How is your process or what criteria do you apply when it comes to choosing your daily outfits?
I'm not taking a lot of time to decide how to dress. But I can say that I have a certain pattern... I like to mix men's clothing... my style is super ambiguous, comfortable and versatile, very inspired by hip hop and rock.
"I don't regret exactly of anything, everything good and bad it made me to be the person that I am".
What are your references in the world of fashion?
As models, I greatly admire the iconic Kate Moss, Mica Argarañaz and Gigi Hadid, as in their own way they changed the rules of the game from what was expected of a model. As designers Jacquemus, Stella McCartney, Virgil Abloh, Matthew Williams and Alexander McQueen. Photographers Helmut Newton and Peter Lindbergh.
What are your priorities to be in harmony with yourself and your environment?
First of all, I need my moments as a hermit, take the time to connect with myself, be in contact with nature and animals.
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Country House

Model Lula Gallo
Photographer Diego Triplab

53 Photographs / High Resolution

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Argentina, Buenos Aires 2021


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