"Sponti" is a shortening for being spontaneous in German. Nowadays with social networks as an intermediaries between what we want to be and what we really are, being spontaneous is something that seems to be scarce or sometimes forced. In our daily lives we are in a constant relationship with a camera, either professional, semi or a telephone. And a very powerful connection, which is born between who generates the content and who receives, it would be the identification. "Wish Sponti" presents the natural beauty of Natalia Preis from Brazil, a country of abundant nature, smiling people and landscapes that exceed the expectations of any traveler. Natalia has been a professional model for several years, therefore it's no longer just about posing, but about interpreting and to feel in a true sense like a performance of a scenic art.
Natalia, Since when have you been a model and how were your beginnings?
I have been working as a model for 10 years. I started doing a modeling course with a friend and then it flowed little by little. Like any profession, at the beginning it was difficult, everything was very new for me, however I always had the support of my parents and my agency. In this way I was taking space and experience in the world of fashion, so I began to travel.
"I am a woman very dedicated to the things I love: work, family and friends. I love seeing them happy and seeing that my work has won space with a lot of dedication and patience."
What excites you most about fashion right now?
Fashion has been present in my life with great intensity. I have been a model for 10 years and I also studied Fashion design at University. So what I love most of all is fashion as a form of expression and culture, it's understanding the role of fashion in each society and in each person.
Where do you want to be 10 years from now?
In 10 years I would like to have already traveled all over the world, working and getting to know many cultures and people.
"By 2022 my goal is to continue traveling. Who knows, it could be Europe, Asia or a little more of Latin America."
How did you feel living in Lima?
My passing through Lima was fast, I lived there for almost 2 months. I loved the city, the people and the food, of course. The rhythm of work was intense and enriching.
what is your favorite music?
I love several types of music, but today I really like listening to MPB from Brazil, I think it's like feeling my roots.
Is there something that you’ve recently acquired – art, costumes, a book or an object, or even a subscription that you are loving right now?
This year I started to have a very good habit of reading, I think I have already read more than 10 books from January till now. One that I really loved was “Women who run with the wolves”. It's a book that consists of different stories that identify the essence of the female soul and its power.
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Wish Sponti

Photographer Rene Funk
Stylist Romina Sadovnik
Model Agency Carlo León

81 Photographs / High Resolution

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Lima, Perú 2021


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