Carlie Gibert by Donne Ashlock, Atlanta. Fashion photography is more than just clothes, shoes or accessories, it's also about emotions and narrating something. Eventually photographers have only a couple of hours or even a few minutes to incorporate everything into an image that can ideally prevail. Complicity and natural light are going to be always a good combination. The versatility in a model is one thing that sometimes we don’t consider and we believe that only physical beauty is enough in a session. Presence, attitude and mystery are, among other ingredients, what cause that subtle erotic charge that always delights our senses.
Carlie, since when are you a model?
I started modeling in September of 2020. I signed with my mother agency in august of 2021.
How does it feel to be in front of the camera in a fashion shooting?
So much fun!. I've always loved being in front of the camera ever since I was little. 
Donne, how did you start in photography?
In Summer of 2006 I became friends with a model who needed a ride to photoshoot and I became friends with her photographer. After working and learning from him for a few years I went solo and have since worked around the world.
How was the experience of working with Carlie on this shoot?

She did great! She drove two hours to work with me for this shoot and was professional in every way.
What is your favorite picture of this session and why?
During every photoshoot I undertake I seek to create that one picture that I would want to print, mount and frame and then present in an ART gallery. 
It is an image that showcases the natural beauty of the model I am working with, often in motion. This is the one that stands out to me.
Carlie, in which aspects of your life are you rebel?
I would say my style. I don't tend to follow trends and honestly don’t have a specific type of style. I just like what I like and don't care what other people think about it. 
Are you afraid of becoming old?
I wouldn’t say I’m afraid, but I wouldn’t say I’m eager either. The thought of aging and becoming wiser is somewhat comforting. I just hope to be as beautiful and bright as my mom when I’m older.
"In five years I hope to be doing something I love, Whatever that may be. Right now I’m enjoying going with the flow and seeing where life takes me. As long as I’m happy that’s all I can ask for." - Carlie
Donne, how much time do you like to have in a session like this one?

I'm a fairly decisive shooter which makes for an intense photoshoot with a lot of changes. For a shoot like this one I need 2-3 hours.
What do you think Black and White photography has that it likes so much?

Color distracts the eye away from the motion, emotion and composition of an image. Black and white has a timeless effect that I love!.
Donne, what is the most difficult in Fashion Photography?

Putting down the artist role and picking up the business roles of Marketing, Branding and PR. The Artist joy is in the generation of an idea that is turned into reality. The process.
What do you think is key to achieve the differentiation with other fashion photographers?

Aligning your habits and steps that you repeat every time with the images that excite you when you create them. Quality + Style will differentiate you from others.  
Carlie, what does it mean to you to have been a cheerleader?
Competitive Cheer means so much to me in many different ways. It was a chapter of my life that taught me so many life lessons. It truly has shaped me into the person I am today. 
What other sports do you practice? 
Other than cheerleading, I trained in many styles of dance for 12 years!.
Carlie, is there any other city where you would like to live?
Although I’ve never been there, I believe I would enjoy living in Paris for a while.  
Donne, when buying a camera, what features do you look for?

Quality of Detail captured, How it renders color, Familiarity, Lens compatibility.
In these times anyone can take pictures with a phone. What are the pros and cons of this?
The market has changed, it's no longer as much of a magical mystery as to how to create a technically good image. At the same time we now have more demand than ever for content.
What fascinates you most about female beauty?
Classically the form and symmetry, more the vulnerability and confidence that can be created in the moment.
Is there anything you think you would like to improve on as a Photographer?

Developing is a continuous process, I would like to be better at the team building and industry relationship connecting side.

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