After an afternoon in the pool and in the middle of Natgeo magazines, Polaroids and tobacco; the Brazilian model Ana Grassia and the Peruvian photographer Armando Rodriguez explore different states of intimacy in this editorial. The sunset in Lima with its warm and contrasting light, is an invisible protagonist who interacts with Ana and who wouldn't want to abandon her for anything in the world. In this work, nudity in its natural state is presented as something everyday, with that erotic charge that most of the time we ignore that is in front of us because we must give our attention to thousands of other things daily. Touches of rebellion and games of complicity go through Armando's optic to make us part of it in first person and enjoy the real world without so much paraphernalia.
Ana, what country are you in now and what other countries do you think you will visit soon?
In Colombia at the moment. Soon I will return to Mexico and from there I intend to do a season in Germany, Italy or Spain (difficult to know in advance).
Sometimes coordinating a session is like aligning planets, how was this process?
I confess to having thought about canceling it for a couple of minutes, because I went from one shooting directly to another. But when I arrived at his brother Carlos's building, where we did the shooting, we waited for Armando for about 10 minutes (a Friday with a lot of traffic jam in Lima) and I was able to distract myself while talking with Carlos and Mafer, very nice people who also have lead an artistic life.
What do you think is the most difficult thing for you about being a model?
Until now, I think the issue of having to get used to it with a lot of instability and uncertainty. Whether in a season begin, a new country, the variable frequency of work and payments that, for the most part, have a long term to be made. Obviously it's something that leads me to work on patience and financial organization very early.
"There is a word in Portuguese for when we miss something (which a lot of people like the way it sounds) is “Saudade”, and sometimes I feel saudade to be able to speak Portuguese and our sea of dialects for a whole day hahaha."
What actions or processes do you develop to have a healthy mind?
In my routine, I love to practice yoga; cook when I have time; reading books with a Buddhist theme and self-knowledge; spend a good time alone with my thoughts and write them down; study astrology or something new; listen to old mantras or songs that bring me nostalgia; walk outdoors; organize my space or room; lie down on some grass; observe nature, the moon, the birds...
What things do you prefer to have away from your life right now?
I think that impatience, hypocrisy, dissatisfaction, conformity, words - actions - ties that can attract negativity or that go against my nature.
What things make you trust a person to start a friendship?
The simplicity of being and the gratitude that they show to life. People whose words are in connection with their actions.
For you, what has been the most magical place you have ever known?
I recently had the opportunity to get to know La Guajira, Colombia, through a job. A beautiful and unique experience, I learned a few words in Wayuunaiki (language of the Wayuu indigenous), I learned a little more about their culture and appreciated landscapes that ranged from sunsets in the horizon of the sea, salt flats, dunes, and the most starry nights I have seen to this day.
What book are you reading now? And why have you chosen it?
This week I finished one called "Practices of Unconditional Love", Metta's book. I chose it because I am sympathetic to Buddhist doctrine and seek to absorb more of all the teaching it provides.
Any movie you would NOT recommend watching and why?
I don't have any that come to my mind right now hahaha but I don't like horror movies much, they always seem kind of meaningless to me, and for a period of ten days I'm afraid of silly things because I'm with the movie very fresh in mind hahaha. I love action, adventure, fantasy and drama genres (which bring a purpose or message behind the story).
Any habit you would like to change?
Right now, it could be that I'm often too hard on myself with my daily tasks. But I think there will always be something to improve and evolve in ourselves, as human beings, everything depends on the moment and each circumstance.
What do you miss the most when you are away from home?
I have constantly nostalgic memories with some phase of my childhood, with my sisters mainly. But I feel gratitude for being able to remember things that make me smile, it doesn't matter if they are no longer repeated, I lived them. There is a word in Portuguese for when we miss something (which a lot of people like the way it sounds) is “Saudade”, and sometimes I feel saudade to be able to speak Portuguese and our sea of dialects for a whole day hahaha.
Do you know what your next tattoo could be and in which part of the body?
A word of Hawaiian origin “Mahalo”, which means gratitude as a way of life. I think on the right back, horizontal to the ribs, fineline’s style.
Do you have any future projects apart from modeling?
There is nothing concrete to mention, but I never put this limitation on my vision of the future. I feel that there are infinite possibilities and changes happen to us constantly that we cannot prevent. One day at a time.
Finally, what would you like to express to others? Please feel free to say what you want.
We are always where we need to be. Keep the mind here, aware, present and grateful; ( it's from a phrase of many that I read and wrote, which always help me bring more peace).
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When the sun goes down

Model Ana Grassia
Photographer Armando Rodríguez
Model Agency We Love Models Perú

130 Photographs / High Resolution

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Online editorial

Lima, Peru 2022


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