The 90s was the theme we chose to contextualize this editorial, which for Inna Moll and our team was a challenge. There is no more daring editorial of this charismatic woman than the one we present below. Inna not only captivates in the real world wherever she goes but also in the digital world. Technologies have changed and they have changed us. We look back with nostalgia a decade that was part of a whole generation.
Inna, how was the process of seeing your body from the outside?.
Strange. I never do nudes or photos like that but I also felt very liberated. These photos were challenging and I loved doing them. I think I had a stigma in my mind that I was not "sexy" but I realized that that side of me can come out if I put my mind to it like in these photos. Feeling myself pretty means something different with each passing year. Finding beauty in those things that perhaps used to gave me complex before has made me happier. Finding tranquility about showing my body without shame has made me feel at peace with myself. The body is changing, it falls, it wrinkles, it grows fat, it loses weight. But it is beautiful in all its forms and I want to grow loving it with all its changes. I feel that as time goes by I feel more comfortable with my body, I like the way it looks more and I also don't care what people think of it.
"I think today's woman has a lot of pressure. Unfortunately the industry has shown us the "perfect” woman as unachievable. I think that all of us now have extra pressure more than ever with the appearance of networks, photoshop, filters , plastic surgery, etc ... That is why it's very important to remind ourselves how beautiful we are without these external worlds that are not real and affect us every day."
What changes in your inner have you experienced in recent times with everything that happened both in Chile and in the world?
I feel more like myself. I learned to know myself in a more limited world. I found with my demons in quarantine and that made me work on many things in my personality that I had thrown away due for not having time or lack of interest. Working on my mental health has also given me peace and calm in these crazy months.
"I have always been a very spontaneous person and sometimes that has played against me. I don't think about things much and that isn't good sometimes. Lately it's helped me a lot to breathe to have a clearer mind before starting a challenge or something that It requires concentration. Over time I have learned that you have to see everything with more than one perspective before starting and giving your 100%."
Among the different worlds in which you develop is the fashion industry. If you could change something of it, what would it be?
The weight. For me it was always a problem and I know that for many women it is. The woman who appears in the magazines is not in her "adequate" weight but underweight and that I managed to understand after leaving the industry.
"it couldn't lack in my life my family, my dog, my friends ... whenever I have to give thanks for something, the first things that come to mind are them."
What challenges will you have in 2021, if you can tell us a little about your projects?
I started on a relatively new live content platform called Twitch. I will be there doing a program so to speak of my life, of what I do every day, of conversation with the audience and I will also be trying television conduction in Tele-hit here in Mexico. I'm super excited because everything that comes to me is totally new to me.
"I think it's super important to get to know ourselves through experiences. Getting out of our comfort zone sometimes helps a lot to find ourselves again. Or at least that's how I feel."
What would you say to those who are beginning to express themselves through the digital world?
To be someone real. We are entering an age where nothing is 100% real on social media. I feel that we have to take care of our human essence, let's talk about our imperfections, our bad days, our worries. Let's not put aside those very real parts of our lives.
"Do not be afraid to try different things, to do things that you never saw yourself doing. Sometimes you find yourself with pleasant surprises and I think that if we never try anything, then we can be left wanting."

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